The world is quiet here.

Month: February, 2012

Experiment of the liquid

Just imagine if our eyes could capture all this fine detail for everything we saw…we’d have incredibly fast reflexes.







New balcony on the way. Workers ran away because it was raining.

Brother in observation. Stairway to deadly drop.


Going out for a stroll

I can’t seem to fall asleep so I will do something.  I will tell you about my walk yesterday.  Yesterday was a very warm day; I say warm and not hot because unfortunately it tends to get a lot hotter than just warm over here in Southern California.  So basically, yesterday was a good day.

It was such a peaceful and refreshing walk though, one that let me ask a few questions to the man up above.  Eventually, I started getting sweaty so the stroll got a bit annoying because my glasses kept sliding down my nose but it was worth it, especially when the gusts of wind rushed by and hugged me.

It would have been interesting if the wind had picked me up and taken me away.  And then it would have sucked because it would have dropped me.

I got home eventually and was glad I had done this because normally it’s not something I would do.  I hope to keep at it with these inspiring walks because besides them being inspiring, they’re healthy for me and make my heart happy.  I hope this made sense.  Like I said, I can’t seem to fall asleep but I am tired.  Maybe it’s due to the fact that I don’t have to wake up early so I’m just like: ehhh I’ll just sleep in.  Whatever the case may be I wish you all a happy weekend.




What the room looked like after moving in on the first day.


My sister being over dramatic.

Parents second wedding.

It’s interesting seeing myself on a shiny object.

I realize I should have taken a picture of the food before I had eaten it but the idea came to me exactly after I finished the food. Just try to imagine alfredo penne pasta with pieces of chicken.

My mother and father gave each of us a heart shaped box filled with notes on why they love us. Each box contains 52 notes; we read one each week for a year.

Back to the West

On the 11th of February I moved back to California.  I really enjoyed living in Boston; it was great because everything was so readily available within a walking/bus/ train riding distance.  But I decided I wanted to live closer to my family and if I decided to move away again, it would be in a neighboring state such as Oregon.  So I am back home for now and it felt quite nice surprising everyone.  It’s probably important if I tell you only my sister knew of my coming.  My mother, father and two other siblings had no idea.  They were clueless.  And that’s exactly how I wanted it to be.  We all hugged and were merry and so I am glad.  I’m glad that they are glad.  Now I must start planning what my next steps are which so far consist of the following:  enroll into college again, go exploring the desert for abandoned places, save money to visit England and finally, go skydiving or base jumping.  I guess you could say these are my goals for this year although the list will start growing as the year progresses.  At first glance, this picture of a laundromat may not make sense with what this paragraph is about.  But if you read this far, then you will now know that this laundromat was near the house I used to live in and is a place I enjoyed going to as well.  I liked waiting for my clothes to wash and dry not only because I would have clean clothes but because I could pace around and sit while thinking or playing Sudoku on my phone.



I went out to walk/explore in hopes of finding something to climb on to.  When I  say “something” I normally mean a building of some sort.  I guess I could climb a tree if I really wanted to but it doesn’t give the sense of urban exploration when you’re in an urban area.  I’m in Boston at the moment so I headed up north to Lowell, about a 45-50 minute train ride, where I used to live as a kid 10-11 years ago.  This time I decided not to take my dslr because I was an idiot.  Although it did make my bag lighter and more comfortable to walk around with it really was something I could’ve dealt with.  I did have my phone though so that would have to suffice.

This is the Middlesex Community College Library.  I did not take this picture; I found it online.  I climbed to the rooftop thanks to the scaffold  encompassing the building (It’s currently undergoing remodeling.)  It was dark out so hiding in the buildings shadow was pretty simple.  I’ve drawn in red where the scaffold was and the arrow is where the stairs/ladders to get to the top planks were.  Unfortunately, since the main way to get up there was too exposed to the street as well as being lit by a wall lamp attached to the building, I opted climbing through the back.  The exciting part is that I had to climb from the outside of the scaffold to get to the wooden planks at the top.  Although It wasn’t that high compared to other buildings around, It was still pretty nerve wrecking getting up and over because even at that height I could get seriously hurt, especially not being able to see the bottom clearly at night.  But oh well, my desire to do something exciting was satisfied.  For now.


The top has a higher roof that is slanted and accessible via a ladder. I got up there, laid on my back and stared at the moon for a couple of minutes.

And now, prepare yourself for the pictures that I did take.  I assure you they would have looked decent if it had been daytime.

If you were standing in front of the library and facing it, those other buildings would be on your left.

Same as above except this side would be on your right.

The barely visible loop on the left is a ladder that goes down to a lower roof.

I’m guessing ventilation and electrical storage.