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Month: January, 2012


The pictures towards the end are of a building under construction that I may or may not have escalated and climbed unto the roof of.




Some pictures of puritan gravestones and the statehouse in Boston.


Riddle (cover the answer at the bottom!)

“A statement at a meeting.

A seer sees far away.

A scope when night has fallen.

Most natural by day.”






This was my dinner and it was delicious.  I didn’t make any of it though, it was frozen food that I popped into the oven…but oh well, It filled me up.  It was mini Quiches, these bowtie things with chicken and chipotle cheese, a glass of orange juice and a side of very very tasty dinosaur bbq sauce.


Below this are some pictures I took while I had a very close friend visit from California.  It was also her first time being in the East coast.  We walked many places, many miles, ate many foods and made many memories.


A graveyard Incident

I have a short story to tell you about something that happened to me while taking pictures in a graveyard.  More specifically, it’s the graveyard from the pictures in my first post.  I was walking around the yard trying to find nice angles from which I could capture some of the eerie but  soothing scenery when I saw a nice looking gravestone in the distance.  Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures of it, or what it looked like afterwards since I was in a bit of a shock.  However, It looked very similar to the one below which I found online; it had the celtic ring around the top of the cross and it was mounted on a base.  So when I saw this gravestone I ran to it and hoisted myself up.  While hugging the cross and placing my camera on the flat top for stabilization, I took some shots. CLICK. *focuses-CLICK. CLICK CLICK.  All the pictures came out dumb.  I then climbed down using the cross to hold myself and immediately after stepping both feet on the moist earth while still maintaining my left hand on the face of it, I felt it leaning towards me as if it wanted me to hug it one last time.  I honestly tried to sustain it’s weight the second I felt it tip but I quickly realized this thing was freaking heavy.  I jumped out of the way just as it came crashing down with a thud to the ground.  My first words were: “holy shit, I’m so freaking sorry!” And of course, I was referring to the person below, or what remained of them at least.  I then thought how ironic it was what had just occurred to me.  Seconds later, I thought about what would have happened if I hadn’t had my hand on the front.  I could already see it, police on the scene letting reporters know that the victim was crushed to death, cameras flashing and detectives deciding whether this was foul play or an accident.  Clearing that sinister thought, I attempted to lift the cross that had evidently detached from its base but it was no use, it would just tilt from side to side as if mocking me.  So, I said a prayer of forgiveness and continued on roaming the yard.  Later, I said a prayer for guidance in life, which had nothing to do with what had happened but felt appropriate at that place and moment in time.



I don’t know why I keep putting up pictures of snow.  I guess since I haven’t lived around snow for some time in my life I get excited when I see it.  Nevertheless, I captured a couple of things that looked quite nice covered in the white fluffiness.




So for my first post I think that I will say hello.”Hello.”  Now that I have released that from my system, I can continue by letting you know that I had another blog before this (It was with blogger.)  I felt like creating a blog with WordPress because one, I like the layout of the website a lot more and two, I like the WordPress symbol more than that of Bloggers.  And maybe also because blackberry world has a WordPress app.  Apart from this paragraph,  I will mainly post pictures of objects/scenery/people/food that I find interesting.  Everyone once in a while though, I might post a riddle I find riveting; I enjoy saying/typing that word.  Riveting.

Anyhow, I hope you find what I post enjoyable.